How to buy 

1. Read current commercial terms on
2. Please, make register.  It is necessary to fill in all the required items necessary for confirmation of your order, communication with you and deliver the goods by courier to the correct address. If you order goods for the company fill corporate data. When address for delivery and billing information are different fill also these informations. If you have already purchased on  enter the password that you specified for the previous order.
3. Select a product.
4. Insert it into the basket.
5. Please, specify the numbers of the items.
6. You can continue to next purchase, item delete or go to the cash register and create order.
7. Check again all the data and confirm the order.
8. Select payment method and make payment.
9. Products can be ordered also by email:

Tips and advice

After completion of your order before sending check the contents of the basket of goods and quantity of goods ordered by type.

  • Before placing an order please, make sure the address is correct for delivery of goods.
  • It is important that you fill in contact phone number. If you not will reached at the address for delivery courier service will contact you for re- delivery.
  • Prior to accepting the shipment and prior to payment check whether the packaging is not damaged or check the contents of the shipment. If the goods are damaged in shipment notify it to the worker courier service and not to accept the shipment.
  • Defects that are not manufacturing defects are detected after receipt and payment of the consignment will not be accepted as a claim. (mechanical damage, used goods ...)
  • If you got goods that you have ordered and it is not suitable you can return it to the address for sending the complaint. The goods must be undamaged and in original packaging.
  • Goods that you do not know do not order in large quantities. It may be that goods does not suit your requirements and thus avoid increased costs for returns.
  • In case you want to verify the details of the product or the status of your order you can do so by phone or email which you can find in contacts.
  • Our company does not provide advice on the application of our products. If necessary you can contact the trained staff.
  • Our company will not engage in activities such as: training courses in the field of modeling, consultancy and other services related to the professional activities of trained workers.