What are cookies? Cookies are small text files. When you visit a web p age the browser saves them on your computer or device a visitor. Cookies allow the website to recognize the user's device and remember certain information about your session during connection. 

Why we use cookies? Individual pages of our companies use cookies to help us provide better service. 

On our website we use the following types of cookies: 

a) Necessary cookies: These cookies are necessary for the operation of our website. These includes for example cookies which allow you to log into the secure section of our website. 

b) Performance cookies: These cookies allow us to analyze how users interact with our site. It can be used to improve and simplify the usability of our website. The data that these cookies collect are aggregated and anonymous. 

c) Functional cookies: These cookies remember your selection to improve your user experience. Thereby enabling the website to customize content for you and remember your preferences such as your choice of language. The data that these cookies collect identify you personally.