Omega is growing quickly. Our community is growing every day around the world. We are now present at almost every continent. Our future is bright. Omega Team is planning making plans for the following years to ensure that the trade is safe and profitable for all of you.

Project OMEGA is a simple opportunity to earn money for everyone.

Project OMEGA allows you to participate:

a)       Through daily activity and create passive income, or

b)      Through marketing activities by participating in creating a community of respondents for marketing surveys, and as such generate interesting income opportunities.

We can therefore divide OMEGA project into two parts, based on the level of your participation.

Part No. 1 – INCOME FROM ACTIVITIES ON Active Box(es)

An international holding with years of experience forms a network of respondents to marketing surveys, creating the opportunity to profit in the advertising and marketing reasearch markets. The holding’s incomes are also supported by crypto currency mining, forex traders, and other activities (see the presentation for more info).

Almost with no work whatsoever (max 3 min. daily) you can gain 30% evaluation of your initial investment in 6 months (60% annually). Plus, it can further grow with profit reinvestment. Money is added to your wallet DAILY. If there is already a minimum of 50 EUR, you can withdraw the sum or increase your deposit – reinvest into a purchase of another Active box for a duration of another 6 months (always counting from the day of purchase).

How to gain 30% profit in 6 months?

  1.        Register on Omega platform through the given link
  2.        Verify your Omega account
  3.        Invest 10 EUR – 100 000 EUR (e.g. through a bank transfer, from an online wallet, etc.). In the Omega system Euros will show as BitBonds (BB – internal Omega currency; 1BB = 1 EUR). After you transfer your profit (on your bank account, credit/debit card...) your BB automatically change into Euros, Bitcoins i.e., you will receive the sum in Euros to your bank account in your domestic currency.
  4.        Purchase of Active box in the corresponding value
    Example of purchasing Active Boxes for 1 000 Euros: 10 Active Boxes of 100 Euros each
  5.        Complete the activities

What are the activities:

-          Watch 8 advertisements daily (each approx. 10 sec)

-          Once a week complete a market research (approx. 5-8 multiple choice questions)

-          Once a week complete a special task (e.g. read an article shown on the screen)

That is all. From this moment onwards you will DAILY receive income corresponding to the portion of the deposit you invested into the project and a portion of a profit, which in 6 months will add up to 15% of your initial deposit. Another 15% of your profit during the 6 month period is generated through the activity rewards. If you fail to complete an activity on some day, you will not receive a profit for this activity and profit of your invest on the GIVEN DAY. You will get back a part of your invest on this day only.

For example, if you invest 1 000 EUR and complete all activities daily, after 6 months you will have 1 300 EUR in your wallet, which you can either withdraw or reinvest for another 6 month period by purchasing another Active box.

Active Boxes are packages with a fixed price (1 BB = 1 EUR):

10 BB, 25 BB, 50 BB and 100 BB.

The profits are gained as follows:

  •         Active Box 10 - maximum profit 22%
  •         Active Box 25- maximum profit  24%
  •         Active Box 50 - maximum profit 27%
  •         Active Box 100 - maximum profit 30%


OMEGA offers also an opportunity to receive rewards from your efforts to expand the community and finding more respondents for the marketing activities and surveys.

You can see all the types of the rewards after you sign up – in the menu (top bar) – Marketing or in the attached presentation.


Omega allows you to have only one account with Active boxes from 10 EUR = 10 BB to 100 000 EUR = 100 000 BB and a daily income max. 5 000 EUR. In your account you can an unlimited number of Active Boxes – the sum of their values creates the value of the account.

Your maximum daily income from the rewards can reach a maximum sum equal to the value of your account, however, a maximum of 5 000 EUR.

The knowledge of English is highly beneficial when working with the OMEGA platform.

How does the Active Box work:

(you can turn on EN subtitles in the settings – bottom right hand corner)

Link to the website:

Omega has a business plan for the following 5 years.

With a growing number of members in the community, Omega will keep bringing more products. The enterprise, alongside other things, is also involved in the crypto currency mining. Omega has their own payment system – within 3 months there will be a payment card available for all members. Omega is also preparing an investment fund, where we/you will be able to trade commodities – precious metals and crypto currencies. The company will also have their own energy drink Omega. There is also an ambition to create a franchise of branded cafés Omega around the world, and many other exciting projects.


Omega holding is a fintech enterprise, owned by Polish entrepreneurs: Bartosz Nafalski (CEO – Chief Executive Officer) and Lukas Bozek (CFO – Chief Financial Officer). Holding Omega is an extension of their long-lasting businesses Expedite Consulting Group and Feat Software.

Expedite Consulting Group – Founder and CEO Bartosz Nafalski

The holding consists of multiple companies residing in several countries – focusing on strategic growth management, securing financial risks, help with legal court hearings, fundraising in bank and non banking sectors. Bartosz’s father is blind, hence, he developed a proposition to involve handicapped people into the employment system, which Bartosz managed to get legally approved. Consequently, Expedite Consulting Group specialises also in the employment of handicapped people and they themselves have already employed over 700 handicapped employees, and ensured an employment for further 5000 handicapped people in Poland.

Expedite Consulting Group achievements:

  •         Developed famous polish brands: Lowicz, Fortuna, Tarczyn, Dr Witt, Kotlin, Garden
  •         Built the whole distribution process of Frugo juice for the Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and the US markets
  •         Implemented a marketing strategy for some major companies: MK Café, Foodcare, Maspex
  •         Introduced American Bull drink in Central Europe for Pepsi Cola
  •         Launched energy drink Tiger in the Polish market and pushed Red Bull to the No.1 in Poland

Feat. Software – CEO Lukas Bozek

  •         Many years of experience as an FX trader at Santander Bank
  •          Experienced financial risk manager
  •          Feat. Software supply softwares, CRM systems, mobile apps, web portals and individual IT solutions
  •         They are suppliers for JJava, Flutter, Spring Boot, Firebase, Agile...

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