Domestic shipments:

NOTE: We deliver by SPS (Slovak Parcel Service, s.r.o..) courier only with cash on delivery or upon receipt of payment. Consignment delivery price is €3.36 with VAT for orders up to €9.99 with VAT.

For orders over €9.99 with VAT delivery is free!

Orders are generally dispatched within 2 working days with payment on delivery or after receipt of payment. Orders are shipped via courier service SPS (Slovak Parcel Service s.r.o.) with delivery to 24 hours. Shipping fees (for orders to €9.99 EUR incl. VAT) €3,36 incl. VAT are include handling and packing fees as well as delivery costs. Your items are well-protected.

Picking up from the warehouse:

Products can be downloaded and purchased directly from the warehouse. When order is up to € 9.99 incl. VAT you pay a handling fee of € 1 incl. VAT
For order over € 9.99 incl. VAT picking up is a free.

*For online payment is minimum order € 3 including VAT!


Complaint follow point no. 8 - Complaints procedure at our Terms and Conditions at 
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