False eyelashes and tufts, eyelash glues, makeup sponges, tweezers, applicators, brushes and face powders

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  • Eyelashes

    False individual and fashion eArtificial eyelashes with applied glue for immediate useyelashes

  • Eyelash adhesives

    7 g glue for artificial eyelashes and bunches in black and transparent color

  • Tweezers

    Tweezers forTweezers for trimming eyebrows and removing unwanted hair eyebrow and eyelashes

  • Makeup brushes

    Make-up applicators and bruApplicators for applying eye shadows and cosmetic brushes for make-upshes

  • Puffs

    Make-up sponges, make-up remover sponges and powder puffs

  • Decorative cosmetics

    Copmpact NEL compact face and décolleté powders with placentamake-up powders NEL